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Lashes & Brow Treatment + Nail & Cuticle Treatment
>Langa Lakho Lashes and Brow Treatment will help to repair damaged lashes and brows, keep them healthy. 
>The treatment also ensures that your lash and brow follicles are in great shape.  
> It make your lashes and brow grow fuller by stimulating the follicles to produce new lashes.  
> Brows will improve in volume of the existing eyebrow line as it increases the volume density.
>Treatment also strengthen the nail bed
Lashes and Brow Treatment:  
Easy and Fast ± wash face and hands, whilst damp, take a drop of the treatment, apply  on your lashes and brows.  2 minutes process. 
Nails and cuticles:
On damp nails and cuticles, take 2 drops of the treatment and massage on your nails and cuticles.  2 minute process.