Moisturise the Winter Blues Away

Langa Lakho soaps

Winter is a perfect time for us to take care of, nurture, and spoil ourselves. Let’s face it, winter can be hard on hair, skin, and even nails. Today Langa Lakho would like to share a few quick tips to help you through the cold months. 


Tip 1 – For Winter’s Dry Skin

While a hot shower is the best thing to warm up in winter, also remember that hot water contribute to drying out of skin. Keep your showers short, and make sure you   moisturise like mad with, for example, Langa Lakho’s Shea Butter for skin products.


Tip 2 – For Your Nails

Nails also feel the dry winter air, when you use the Langa Lakho Nail & Cuticle Treatment it will feed & moisturise those neglected areas of your hands.

And remember, with chemical/alcohol based sanitisers everywhere, always remember to often apply hand moisturiser. The Langa Lakho Shea Butters provide a perfect solution!

Tip 3 – For Your Hair

Although it may sound strange to say this (seeing that Langa Lakho sells shampoo), a tip for the winter months is actually to slow down on the shampooing. Like skin, the mixture of hot water, and the washing of hair could make it dry out in the already dry winter air.  

Avoid over washing, and make sure you use Langa Lakho Shea Butte, or hair Moisturiser spray, and the highly effective hair oil treatment. 

Moringa Shea Butter for Hair