The Langa Lakho Open Day

A Highly Successful Open Day!

Langa Lakho hosted an Open Day on Saturday 20 March, 2021. On the day Langa Lakho’s founder, Wendy Radebe de Kock, and Thobile Dlamini (MC & Business Consultant, active in South Africa & Europe) engaged guests with the compelling story of the creation of this business, brand, and its uniquely African beauty and health solutions. 

Wendy shared the story of the brand, that literally started in her kitchen, when she had to find home made solutions for her hair. This “grew” (no pun intended) to become the business & brand, Langa Lakho, our guests engaged with during the Open Day.

Langa Lakho Founder & Thobile Dlamini in Action - 20 March 2021
Langa Lakho Open Day

Not only did Langa Lakho host long standing customers, but, new business partners with networks across South Africa were in attendance, and are negotiating new market opportunities for the brand!

Langa Lakho also launched four new products on the day, being: Moringa Shampoo, Marula Shampoo, and Marula Shea Butter (for hair) and Morning Shea Butter (for hair). Notable is that the essential oil ingredients (Moringa & Marula oils) are sourced from growers, and agro-processors in Limpopo Province. 

Langa Lakho wants to thank everyone who shared this special day with us. We will share more updates and news from the Open Day shortly. 

As the founder, Wendy, emphasised on the day – Take the Time to Take Care of Yourself, with our wide range of natural Langa Lakho products!

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The founder, Wendy, with her Mother @ the Open Day