Wendy’s 5 point rule for great looking dreadlocks

Did you think Wendy’s dreadlocks are extensions? Or you may think she spends millions to get her hair to look that great. 

Guess what… Wendy’s locks are NATURAL from the roots right to the tips…

Does it cost millions?… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

She shared with us her 5 point rule for owning great looking locks.

1.  Apply Langa Lakho Daily Spray as a moisturiser

Langa Lakho’s Daily Dreadlock Spray will lock in moisture from root to tip.

2.  Book your weekly wash day

The secret to strong hair and a fuller hairline is to avoid your pores getting blocked, so make time to wash.

3.  Moisturise before you lock.

Treat your roots with Langa Lakho Dreadlock Treatment before you twits your locks.  This will prevent breakage and hairloss.

4.  Wrap them in silk

Covering your hair in a silk scarf or nightcap will prevent your hair from obtaining fluff.

5.  Give yourself a head massage

Massaging your scalp regularly will improve blood circulation, spreading natural oils and encourage hair growth.