7 secrets to owning that afro hair you’ve been dreaming of.

1.  Water is life

Your hair loves water, wash or hydrate your natural hair at least 2-3 times per week. 

2.  Moisturise your scalp and hair

If you have box braids or a sew on weave, it is vital to care for your natural hair and scalp to avoid damage and hair loss.   A dry scalp is the main reason for hair loss, breakage, dandruff and itching.  Apply Langa Lakho’s Treatment oil to your scalp and hair 2-3 times per week and massage well.  Remember to use the treatment on slightly damp hair.

3.  Moisturise again… and again.

As a daily routine spray Langa Lakho’s Daily Spray for Natural hair into your hair and scalp.  It smells great, will reduce itching and keep the dandruff away.

4.  Ditch the chemicals

Most relaxers, hair sprays and moisturisers contains harsh chemicals that causes burning, itching and irritation.  Read the ingredients on the product label before you buy, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it. 

At Langa Lakho we only use 100% organic oils, butters and fragrances to create our products.  It is tested on friends and family, not animals and if it doesn’t come from the earth, it won’t go into our bottles.

5.  Decrease the use of hair straighteners or curling irons

Heating tools induces breakage, so if you are buying one, make sure to shop for a good quality straighter made from ceramic which will be gentler on your hair.

6.  Swaddle up those babies.

Wrap your hair in a comfortable cotton cloth before you go to bed. This will keep it from tangling and allow the oils to absorb into your scalp

7.  Take a day off.

Adopt a wash day routine in your diary.  Like the day you’re working from home… 😉

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