Taking iMphepho from Smoke & Fire to Soap & Water

Today, Langa Lakho brings you a first, a new interpretation of ancient African tradition and knowledge: iMphepho in soap form. 

One of the first Muthi’s I had to learn about during my training as Sangoma, was iMphepho. Usually the plant is harvested, dried, and burnt with smoke used as a sacred incense. This smoke facilitates and helps to cleanse energies, spaces, to call spiritual protection, and to clarify a space to enable the Sangoma’s, or any other person’s call to the ancestors. 

But, from countries as far as Italy and Greece, where Helichrysum was already known for its unique healing, and spiritual enhancing abilities in Greek times, acknowledge the incredible properties of this plant we commonly know as iMphepho in South Africa. 

Well, that is why I then, as with the creation of many other Langa Lakho products, went to work in the Langa Lakho Kitchen of Healing.

By studying the healing properties of this plant in both my traditional healing practice (and training), and also researching the plant itself, its scientific properties, and chemical composition, I decided to embark on bringing you another form in which to engage with this powerful healing energy of Helichrysum. 

iMphepho Soap therefore brings you the best of the Helichrysum plant, that is the proverbial ‘King’ of medicinal plants. In soap form it helps skin to stay soft, smooth and hydrated.  Helichrysum has natural anti-inflammatory abilities, it helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin.  It may also provide relief of topical pain, sensitivity and anti-itch effects. Lastly, it enhances tranquility, clarity of thought- and dreams. 

To top it all off, the soap you are presented with here is not only a unique innovation on an ancient African healing tradition, and uses of iMphepho/Helichrysum, it was grown right here, in Johannesburg. 

Locally grown, innovated, produced, and packaged we bring you, with love from the Langa Lakho Kitchen of Healing – iMphepho Soap. 

Langa Lakho brings more than just ‘products’ to the market. We bring more. Like in this case we bring the healing power of iMphepho/Helichrysum soap to you, so that you can participate in the long journey of humanity’s engagement with healing from nature. 

We make the soap from locally grown ingredients

Each soap gets a topping of a fresh locally grown iMphepho leaf